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Product Image Simpson & Vail Paper Tea Filter - 2 cup 100/box

Simpson & Vail Paper Tea Filter - 2 cup 100/box


Nothing is worse when traveling, than being served an inferior beverage (i.e. soggy and tasteless teabags). These tea filter papers save the day and NO holders or attachments are needed! Just pre-fill your t-sac filter with tea or herbs and place in an envelope in your briefcase or handbag. These tea filter papers are great for use with any teas or herbs, but especially for use with small leafed teas and Rooibos! The filled t-sac will stand up in a mug or cup and can be held in place with the lid of a travel mug or teapot. These filters are great for home or office use and for traveling.

Made in Germany of unbleached hemp, these long bio-degradable t-sacs have a fold out gusseted base to produce a better tea infusion. The filters are for cups, mugs and glasses, using up to 2 teaspoons of tea. They measure 2.4" (wide) x 3.6" (pouch height) x 4.72 (total height).

Each box contains 100 filters.

Made in Germany